The concept of Narau originally began as trying to find a cheap and effective way for students to study rather than going to the library. You can never guarantee a seat there and we wanted to figure out an alternative. If you take an average spend for a day at the library, you pay for your commute, probably buy two coffees and you might even get lunch there. So your spend is minimum £8-£10.

What if you could have a space where you didn’t have to commute and you could pay a lower upfront fee to access a space for the day? We found spaces from £5-£8 where students could access the space and get free coffees/teas. This is how the idea of Narau started. We then looked to tackle the traditional working model. We found people didn’t enjoy commuting and if we could provide access to spaces near them to work, the quality of their working life could be improved.

For companies too why would you tie yourself into a long central London office lease when you can allow employees to book where they want to work, when they want to work? Narau gives you a cheaper and more flexible solution.

There is no wishy-washy story for this. No long winded podcast explanation. It’s just one word, it’s unusual and fits as its unusual to dramatically rethink the way people work.

The office model is one of the most outdated concepts in our day to day lives. Across all other sectors we have seen dramatic shifts in innovation yet we still opt to:

A) Tie ourselves into long leases where you can’t review the price you are paying. Property prices are always shifting in response to global macro events all the way to local decisions - why put yourself at risk for not being able to adapt to these changes? For example if there is another virus outbreak why would you pay for a 3 year office lease on somewhere that might not even be used? Narau gives you the ability to constantly aggregate the prices of the spaces you are using.

If you are booked into a space for 3 months but realise a new workspace has opened with a better offering you can cancel your booking and move at the click of a button. You always have the flexibility to choose where you and your teams work.

B) Decide your employees should commute multiple hours to get to work. This is terrible for the environment and wastes multiple hours in an employee's life that could be used elsewhere. As an example, if an employee can cut out their commute, they might have more time to exercise which will improve their long term productivity. Narau provides a range of spaces which are close to your employees. If there is a particular area you can’t find spaces let us know and we will provide a range of different options.

C) Dictate the way other people should work. Employees should have a say in what their best working environment is. Through Narau, they can find workspaces that match their needs. Some teams might like to be in a buzzy space whereas others might need a quiet zone. The ability to decide how and where you work will improve employees’ performance.

Through our app companies can manage an account for their employees to use. It is easy to control in the same way your company might provide a taxi service provider to your employees.

We don’t run on a credit or subscription model. It’s more cost efficient through us. If you decide your hybrid model of working will be Mon-Wed in your smaller central office and Thursday/Friday employees can use Narau, you only need to pay for two days a week. Equally hosts can amend the prices of their spaces - if you would like to use Narau full time, each host can set up a monthly price specifically for you to help you bring down the cost depending on how many employees you will have booking into their space. This can be arranged by speaking to the host through the chat function on the app.

We have a variety of different types of spaces to cater for different company needs. You tell us what type of space you are looking for and we will find you options.

We have built the product for companies to use. There are export tools for booking histories, company accounts for multiple number of logins and an account manager who will work closely with the demand for areas of where your employees are based.

Each customer can message hosts. If you have specific requests or needs that your company might need in a workspace you can message the host directly.

The concept is very simple. Download the app and book into a workspace for a specific period of time.

We currently have options all across the UK but we are looking to expand and if you have employees anywhere in the world let us know to see if we can find you options.

There are lots of different options and if a space is fully booked there should be plenty of alternatives. If you can’t see one let us know and we will find you something.

Get in touch and we will find you different options.

We have a messaging system - fire away and ask them :)!

As long as you give 24 hour notice you can cancel your booking using the cancellation button.

All spaces are reviewed by us to ensure that they are suitable to work in. Dependent on what your needs are there are spaces that can cater to this. Most companies too will provide secure access through their own systems as you have set up for working at home. A lot of the spaces on the platform are co-working spaces who have different established organisations already using these spaces and provide a high level of security.

For most spaces yes! But this is up to the host and they will make it clear in the amenities section of their profile. If you are unsure feel free to message them.

For any space you have been too after your booking you can give them a rating out of 5 stars. This is a great way for new hosts to receive recognition if you have found a hidden gem. Equally if a space does not provide what you expected it is important for other customers to be aware of this.